A Montessori Fountainhead Elementary student works with a teacher.


Nana Fox, primary director & teacher, was born in the USSR, in Ukraine, where she studied Russian language and literature at the University of Kiev. She also worked in a professional puppet theater and became the director of a children's puppet theater, a position she held for four years. In 1971, Nana moved with her family to the USA. She studied education at colleges in NY and Pennsylvania, eventually receiving a degree in Education and Psychology.

While living in Germany, her younger son needed a preschool. She discovered Montessori, fell in love with it, studied, and worked in a Montessori school that her son attended, supervised by an American-trained Montessori teacher. She received Montessori certification from St. Nicholas Montessori Training College in Ireland. In 1984 she moved back to the US, and established the Montessori Fountainhead School in Charleston. Nana is happy to be teaching the second generation of Montessori-educated Charlestonians, as well as her own grandchildren.

Lori Fox, elementary director & teacher, received her American Montessori Society teacher certification in both 6 to 9 and 9 to 12 training in 2005 from the highly respected Center for Montessori Teacher Education, North Carolina. She is a dedicated and passionate instructor, committed to providing an outstanding educational environment for her students.

Masha Wilson, certified primary Montessori teacher, was born in Russia. She graduated from Mari State University with a Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation of Russian-English-French. In 2006, she moved to the USA, and in 2009 she began teaching Russian at Montessori Fountainhead. Masha says that she really enjoys working with children, opening their eyes to a very different culture, and sharing her experience of being in foreign countries. The children love learning Russian, and sometimes prefer to speak Russian instead of English!

Caryn Antos O'Hara, Yoga instructor, is a professional yoga instructor. She is the founder of Yoga Benefits, an organization that promotes the use of yoga to enhance kids' mental, emotional and physical health.

Jodi Bennett, music instructor, has been helping Montessori Fountainhead children develop an understanding and love of music for over a decade.